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Physical Training Programs & Apps

Training for the race?

1. 30 day cross-training program for runners at all           


2. 6 week program for those who are just starting to run:


3. 6 week program for beginner runners/walkers:



4. This website gives a training program for novice, intermediate, and advanced runners:


5. 8 week training program that is adaptable for any runner:


6. 9 weeks long Couch to 5k plan :


7. 12 week training program for beginners:



Apps that are great for training to run a 5k: 

    • Mapmyrun ​

    • C25k (Great for beginners)

    • Strava

    • Runkeeper (Can help runners have healthy competition)

    • WalkJogRun (Outdoor training) 

    • NikeRun Club (Great for more advanced runners)

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